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Tips to enhance garage storage spaces – The Home Improvement Blog

Tips to enhance garage storage spaces

Our garages are no longer places for just storing our vehicles. They are usually an extension of our homes- a place we can store the extra stuff we have somehow managed to collect over the years. Having a garage as an additional space for storage however, is not going to be enough, if you are disorganized. You need to ensure that you utilize every single space that is available to you.

So, how should you go about it?

ips to enhance garage storage spaces

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1. Start with a Plan

Without a plan of any sort, then you can as well forget about making your garage organised. You need to decide first whether your vehicles will stay in or out. If they will be stored outside, then you have plenty of space to work with. However, if your vehicle will be stored inside, you need to plan your storage cabinets and the like around them.

Part of the planning process involves you coming up with a design of where everything will be. If your room is long and narrow, then you will need to utilise all the vertical space from the floor to the roof. On the other hand, if you have a relatively even room, you should utilise both the vertical and horisontal space available.

Ensure that you get estimates of how much everything is going to cost you. You need a reasonable budget, especially if you are not going to do most of the work yourself. However, bear in mind that contributing labour, reduces your bills.

2. Get To Work

Choose a time when the weather is quite good to do the work in your garage. Take out everything and clean the space thoroughly.

You need to be very brutal when it comes to organising all the stuff that will go into your garage. If you do not need it, or have not used it, then bin it. Any useful items that you do not need can go to charity, and the rest should be disposed of safely.

Your storage cabinets should be installed based on the plan you set out. Opt for sliding doors on your cabinets to reduce the space used to open them. Alternatively, you should build cabinet storage without doors. You can then use plastic bins or wicker baskets to store your stuff within the cabinet spaces. You can easily pull these out or push them in.

Always utilise the vertical space available to increase the central space for mobility. You can obtain a stepladder to reach those items on the upper levels whenever you need them. However, use the upper storage spaces for items that you will only need to use on rare occasions.

When arranging your stuff back in the garage space with the now installed cabinetry, you need to do so with convenience in mind. The items that you would ordinarily use together should be arranged in one place for easy access. Everything should therefore be in its place.

If you are not going to use the central space for your cars, then install more cabinets. You can have working tables with hidden cabinets on all sides. Again, sliding doors may be best in small spaces.

The outside of your garage can be used to house additional outdoor cabinets if you need the additional space. However, if you utilise the inside garage space, then that would not be necessary.


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