5 Tips for Customizing Timber Windows to suit your Home’s Interiors

Timber windows offer a great look to the exteriors and interiors of a house. Though they are popularly seen in traditional and period type buildings, they are a great choice for a house too. From doors, to windows, timer can enhance the look of every single item.

Customizing Timber Windows to suit your Home's Interiors

Many people these days are looking to customize their timber windows, and revamp the boring-looking items like windows, doors and simple piece of furniture. Check with a timber windows company to discover exciting designs. If you want to customize timber windows on your own, here are a few tips.


Design is the most important aspect while customizing timber windows. If the architecture of your house is traditional or classic, you can go in for flush casement windows, where the opening doesn’t overlap the frame.

Depending on the availability of space and the direction of the window, you can customize timber windows to match the design of your house, exteriors and your doors. Some windows are sliding, hung or traditional in design.


Some timber windows have a very rich finishing. This adds to the price of the window. So, when trying to customize your window, always take your budget into consideration.

Some special styles, angles, curves and glasses can make your window look beautiful but cost more. Check your budget before and choose the best option available. Also, some windows have low maintenance costs, and are ideal when budget is a constraint.


Timber windows companies can give you a list of timber windows based on the type of finishing. All these can be used to customize windows for your house. Based on the type of finishing you like, you can choose from a wide range of windows like hung windows, side swing windows, traditional windows, double or triple glazed windows or other simple or glossy/polished windows. For example, dry gasket glazing windows don’t allow moisture to stand for long, and offer a rich look.


Windows should also be customized based on your requirement. While simple timber windows look good, you can’t use all of them everywhere e.g. preventing against storms. You can opt for storm proof casement in this situation. If you are staying in a place with high amounts of moisture, you can use simple ones which can ventilate well to prevent moulding, wrapping and rotting. After all, requirement comes before style.


Customization of timber windows is possible based on the choice of colour as well. Like any other item in your house, you would like the windows to match the colour of your wall exactly. This is indeed possible these days with the help of different coloured windows.

Coloured windows, or painted windows – can match you wall and door colour, and also increase the durability of the wood; though timber woods are basically durable and reliable in nature.


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