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Throw pillow – the latest accessory in interior décor – The Home Improvement Blog

Throw pillow – the latest accessory in interior décor

While decorating a living room there are innumerable accessories that can be put to use. From carpets to area rugs to wall hangings and paintings the choice is aplenty. But off late one accessory that has caught the fancy of interior designers all over the world is Throw pillow.

What exactly is Throw Pillow? These are pillows that are smaller in size when compared to normal pillows and are used mainly for decorative purpose. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes like square, rectangle and cylindrical. Even though they are used for decorative purpose, they are also utilitarian in the sense that these pillows provide good support to the back and neck muscles. In short, Throw pillows can make an ordinary looking sofa or couch the center of attraction of the room. Here are few ways to decorate the room using throw pillows.


Size and shape of pillow: Throw pillows are available in small, medium and large sizes. The size of throw pillow selected should be proportionate to the size of the sofa. While large pillows would look good on big sofa, small square pillows would be ideal for small sofas. One can even go to the extent of mixing and matching pillows of varied sizes for large sofas. As to the shape of the pillows, square and oblong shapes are the most popular, even though round is not uncommon. While oblong shaped pillows would look good in couches, square pillows can be used both on sofas and couches.

Cover Fabric: Cotton, velvet, silk and satin are the fabrics that are mainly used as cover for throw pillows. In most cases these covers can easily be removed and cleaned. The selection of fabric should depend on the type of decor. For eg; bright silk fabric like red and green would look good in Asian style decor where as velvet fabric in deep colors like violet and maroon would be ideal for traditional décor.

Color: The color of the pillow is mainly a personal choice. But as discussed above, make sure that it goes well with the other hues of the room. The pillow color can either be a contrast to the sofa color or it can be matching to the drapery and rug. It is also common to use the same patterned fabric for both pillow cover and curtain. Again the theme of décor of the room should also be considered while selecting the color. A more traditional setting would call for bright colored pillows whereas floral patterns can be used for a casual setting.

Placement: The number and placement of pillows also has great significance in interior decor. For a modern look, one should go for odd number of pillows, in same or different sizes, placed asymmetrically on the sofa. On the other hand, a traditional look calls for an even number of pillows of the same size placed on either side of the sofa in a symmetric manner.

Whatever size, shape and number used, make sure that the room is not overdone with pillows. This is especially so in case of rooms that is smaller in size. Otherwise it can make the room look more cluttered than stylish. Also there are certain situations when these pillows are not put to use especially when you have kids using the sofa. In such cases, it is better to provide storage facility like wicker basket so that pillows can be piled up neatly and safely.



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