How to: Renovate a Bathroom without Works

The bathroom is probably next to the kitchen, stay costing more and lazier to reform, and this work produces many disorders and not give it the importance it deserves.

Renovate a Bathroom without Works

Renovation a bath is not necessary to do the work of the Escorial, simply change the paint, lighting and change parts storage. Changing these aspects have a new bathroom without a pick and shovel.

When we talked about painting, it is true that most of the bathrooms have tiles, but this is not a problem. In any specialty store to find this type of painting surfaces, so you can paint the tile color that you like. Choose one that is not very strong, since in addition to tire of it, the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house and with a color so it will look even smaller.

Good lighting in a bathroom is a must. So, change the curtains for a few that are not too opaque and not let light through, and opt not to name just a mirror, you can put more than one, as it will give space and light.

You can renovate a bathroom simply by changing the accessories. You can choose to be some play between them and the wall. Just by changing the carpet and if so the shower curtain, give a different touch to the bath. These are changes that do not involve spending too high and give the bathroom a totally different feel.

Finally, remove all boats tend to accumulate anywhere in the bathroom. Ten only one of each thing, and avoid disruption. Not only save space but also saves you money in hygiene products and cosmetics.

The bathroom as many other areas of the home, also requires renovation and decoration to make it look more attractive and become because, in a comfortable and nice place. To decorate the bathroom we can follow some simple tips for example starting with the tub, which can replace a shower for bathing is wider and safer at the same time show.

Another decorating idea for the bathroom can be the medical use and furniture in bright colors, contrasting with dark hues coatings. You can even choose furniture with sink mounted on the wall to match a mirrored wardrobe. If that does not convince you, you can also try a more sophisticated style of decor which includes for example a conical sink.

If your bathroom is rather small, it may be better to use a cabinet with integrated sink, in a compact size and used to save on space. As for materials you can also use teak and black stone, which will give the bathroom an elegant and natural. A Single-hole faucet retro looks, but at the same time ecological and temperature controller, could also be a good choice.

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