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Four Small Daily Routines for a Cleaner Home – The Home Improvement Blog

Four Small Daily Routines for a Cleaner Home

With a clear focus and a bit of commitment, anyone can achieve an overall cleaner home.  The key is to incorporate small daily routines that require only small amounts of time, but can lead to big rewards once they are put into regular practice.  The following small cleaning routines can improve the look of your home to ultimately make home your favorite place to be!


Hurricane Force Clean

A fifteen minute cleaning frenzy each day can bring a whirlwind of clean to any home.  The hurricane method of clean involves all household participants picking up items and replacing them where they belong.  One person might dust the television while another polishes up the bathroom mirror.  It’s not a method, perhaps, for deep cleaning—the freshly scrubbed floor clean—but it does result in a picked-up house every day.  Every child’s coats and toys should be put away, while the adults’ newspapers, books, or clothing items should also find their storage spot during the hurricane session.  Moreover, the hurricane doesn’t need to last more than ten minutes; if four household members work together, that’s like forty minutes worth of cleaning!

Make the Most of Your Morning

Mornings can be tricky with children getting ready for school and adults setting off for work.  Few people want to think about getting any cleaning done when they’re just trying to wake up.  So, it makes sense to keep morning chores small and easy.  Make the bed, clean the sink out after you use it, and take care of any breakfast mess before heading out into the day.  These small steps will collectively have a big impact on the home’s overall clean.  They’re also fewer tasks you’ll need to deal with at night.

Wildcard Routine

This routine keeps cleaning from becoming too much of a bore.  Moreover, it needn’t take more than thirty minutes and possibly even less as you learn to keep all rooms picked up during the hurricane session.  Each day simply add a room or cleaning chore to your to-do list.  Perhaps Monday is your vacuuming day; Vax has all the floor cleaning care items you’ll need to make this chore perfectly convenient.  Perhaps Tuesday you give the main bathroom its proper cleaning due.  Wednesday you tackle the upstairs bathroom and Thursday you dust.  In essence, you accomplish one major cleaning chore each day so you’re not trying to do everything on a Saturday when you could really use some relaxation time (or have to run errands like getting the groceries)!

Nightly Routine

Before anyone gets too tired, it’s a great idea to devote time to a night routine.  Each night, do a load of laundry and clean the kitchen.  A clean kitchen is essential for the flow of the household.  No one wants to cook or eat in a dirty kitchen.  You’ll feel great starting each day with a clean kitchen because the night before you wiped the sticky counters and dealt with all the dishes.  Those two tasks alone make a big difference.  Use the three-task method for your kitchen duties: counters, dishes, and then change the third task as needed.  It might be a serious clean for the rubbish bin or cleaning out the refrigerator.  Perhaps it’s wiping down the kitchen chairs or conquering that dirty stove.

These cleaning routines are tried and true methods that will lead to a cleaner home.  The routines allow you to focus and stay organized so that no one is left with a large mess that is too overwhelming to handle in a single day.  Give it a try; you’ll love your cleaner surroundings!

Amelie Graham enjoys finding innovative ways to deal with common chores. Her articles mainly appear on family blogs.

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