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Five top tips to get your roof in tip top condition – don’t forget your fascia board! – The Home Improvement Blog

Five top tips to get your roof in tip top condition – don’t forget your fascia board!

The problem with roofing: it‘s not until something goes wrong that it get the attention it deserves. Month after month your roof strives alone against the unforgiving elements of the British Isles, and for this admirable endeavour it gets no more than a cursory glance.

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If you expect your roof to function as it is meant to and look its best at the same time, there are some measures you need to take. A little bit of care and attention can go a long way. So here, especially for the unloved roofs of the UK, are five top tips to get your roof in tip top condition.

1.       Clean the gutters!        

Guttering is one part of your roof which really should be regularly maintained. There’s no end of objects that can block your guttering, whether it’s fallen autumnal leaves or a tennis ball driven onto the roof by an overly enthusiastic aspiring cricketer.  By keeping the guttering clear of debris and the water flowing fluently you reduce the risk of causing potentially expensive damage. Overflowing water can cause damp problems in the wall over which the water flows and erode the render. On the other hand, if the blocked guttering is at the foot of your home, the water will effectively eat away at the building itself.

2.       Fascia boards

The benefits of fascia boards are fourfold in terms of the appearance and maintenance of your home. Not only do they add a clean, fresh look to the front of the property, they are also inexpensive, maintenance free and if you buy UPVC fascia boards rather than wood, they will not rot.

There are two options to consider when installing fascia boards, either fitting it over the existing fascia or as a direct replacement.

Cappit fascia boards can be fitted over the existing soffits and fascia boards if they are still in good condition. This is a cost effective solution which saves on the expense and effort of removing the existing fascia.

If your existing fascia boards are rotten you have no choice other than to replace them. Plastic fascia boards have become increasingly popular as they don’t need to be painted and will not rot.

3.       Have your roof inspected

It’s probably not something you need to do every year unless your roof has been subjected to some pretty extreme weather, but every couple of years or so you should have your roof properly inspected. Yes, this will involve some expense, but the only way to get a true picture of the condition of a roof is from on it, and clambering onto your roof is certainly not something we recommend you try, so professional help please.

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4.       A visual inspection you can do yourself

No need for a ladder or crawling across the roof as a visual check can be conducted very simply from the ground. Using the basic elements of trigonometry, stand as far back as you need to get a good view of the roof and check for defects and debris. The final stage of the process is to step up to a position where your sight is in line with the plane of the roof alignment. From this position it will be easier to spot buckled roof shingles. If you identify any it is time to call in the professionals.

5.       Let it breathe

Installing ventilation is a sure fire way of increasing the life expectancy and general health of your roof. One sign of a roof with inadequate ventilation is a cracking or curling of the shingles. If this is a problem you’re experiencing, ventilation can be added simply and at any time by adding vents. This process is both quick and inexpensive.

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