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Designing a Room For Yourself: Why You Need Your Own Space – The Home Improvement Blog

Designing a Room For Yourself: Why You Need Your Own Space

If you live with anyone, you know how important having your own personal space is. If you come from a large family with many siblings, you respect this notion a bit more. You see, while it’s important to remain close to the ones you love, you really do have to make time for yourself and the things you love.

This is incredibly true if you are a parent. Once you have kids, you sort of lose yourself in becoming mom or dad and that can complicate things along the way.

 As a parent, sibling, husband, wife, or just roommate, you need to find a space you can make your own. Whether it’s a place to read a book, play some music, listen to music, do some meditation, or play video games, it’s still considered your sanctuary and it’s still very necessary. In my house, both my husband and I have our own “offices” or work space in my case since mine doesn’t really have a door. My husband can retreat to his office when needed to finish work, write in his journal, or just nap on the couch. I have my space for when I need to write, listen to my music, play my guitar, or just sit silently and reflect on the day.

 It’s therapeutic. For both of us.

 If your home doesn’t have a designated space you can make your own, there are ways to make one. If your bedroom is big enough, you can build a small room divider and give yourself a little corner. Maybe paint that area a different color or put a rug down to make it more of a separate space instead of part of the bedroom.

 Many people use their garage as their own space and it works out perfectly. If you have a little bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Having personal space really does help with your overall well-being. It gives you the ability to decorate it any way you want, it gives you solitude when needed, and allows you to concentrate on doing things that you love.

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