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Bohemian Crystal and Interior Decorating – The Home Improvement Blog

Bohemian Crystal and Interior Decorating

Bohemian crystal or bohemian glass crystal is a decorative glass produced at the Bohemia and Silesia regions in Czech Republic. From 16th to 17th century, Bohemia became the world’s main crystal glass producer. The original Bohemia crystal contains sodium oxide as smelter. This facilitates the easy production of glass, but the crystal has low hardness quality.


However, the technological discoveries during the crystal production era in Bohemia have led to the production of ideal Bohemian glass, which now being used by many people. Bohemian glass crystal has become the leading class of glass in the crystal glass industry in more than a century. Bohemian crystals are perfect for interior decorating. They can make you home look more appealing to guests. Bohemian glass collection includes a wide range of products from simple hot-shaped coloured glass to art pieces.

When you shop for Bohemian glass crystal centres, you will find there’s a wide range of product lines that you can choose from including clear and decorated hand or automatic glass, crystal collectibles, and gift ideas. You may also find hand painted and stained items that are made by highly talented artisans. There are even art products that are decorated with traditional decorating techniques that can make your home one-of-a-kind. Bohemian glass crystal is available in many forms including coloured figurines, trees, vegetables, fruits, and more.

You will find Bohemian crystal glass products with many decors on it. Decors are handcrafted by cutting masters, and these products suit any interior design, whether classic or modern finishes. There are even wine glasses and drinking glasses made from Bohemian glass that can make you celebrate an occasion using handmade and unique objects. Wine and drinking glasses made from Bohemian glass crystal are idea for any occasion like wedding, birthday parties, and even business events.

Aside from glassware, Bohemian crystal glass is also used to create unique centrepieces and chandeliers. These interior decorations can compliment any interior design and add class to your home. You can even purchase chandeliers to make your living room more elegant. These products may be expensive, but nothing can surpass their beauty. Besides, they are highly durable, and you can expect to have them for the rest of your life ensuring that you take good care of them properly.

How to Handle Bohemian Crystal Glass

Do not lay your bohemian glass crystal in abrasive surfaces, or store them in dusty places. The glass can have scratches if you put them on rough surfaces and can be stained if exposed to untidy environment, which can decrease its beauty.

Protect your Bohemian crystal collection from sudden temperature changes, and prevent them from being exposed to solvents, corrosives, or oxidants. Sudden temperature changes and chemicals can lower the quality of the glass.

Bohemian crystal products are fragile, and they are not meant to touch each other. They can break, and broken glasses are extremely sharp which can cause serious injuries. Follow these rules and you can ensure that your bohemian crystal products can last for many years, making your home elegant and appealing.

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