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Benefits of Decorating the Walls – The Home Improvement Blog

Benefits of Decorating the Walls

A room for a boy or a girl is a special place to carefully prepare to look good and be nice to them, who use the room not only for sleeping but also as a play space. Thus decorate the walls in a fun way is a great detail to start with the setting. Here are some options to decorate the walls with paint and vinyl.

Decorating the Walls

Paint a mural

It is a traditional practice that never goes out of style. There are two options for having a mural on a wall, one hand is to paint and another is to place a printed mural. No doubt the first alternative can be much more elaborate and laborious, but never needed someone with patience and talent can create a beautiful work of art in the nursery. In addition there are techniques to simplify the painted murals, stencil or paint like using a projector.

Place stickers

These stickers are an easy and convenient way to decorate any space, much more a nursery. VinilosInfantiles.com offers a vast collection of special stickers for the nursery such as vinyl fairy animal or storybook characters. Also the vinyl with names for use with the name of your child, I can choose the color and size you want.

Use chalkboard paint

An alternative for the kids involved in decorating their pictures and words is to paint a wall with chalkboard paint. A special paint to draw and write with white chalk and easily erased. This painting is not only available in black, also in gray, blue, green and other colors depending on the manufacturer.

Painting with magnetic paint

Through this paint can adhere to the walls sheets, posters, photographs and other light objects easily without damaging the wall or any work. The painting is not really magnetic but contains iron powder, a metal that magnets, which are achieved with the paper and hold any object lightweight stick. Generally the magnetic paint is a base coat that is applied before the final color. Once applied the necessary hands of this material may use a common plastic paint of the correct color.

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