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5 Top tips for improving your living room – The Home Improvement Blog

5 Top tips for improving your living room

Decorating a living room does not need years of experience or a professional interior designer. All it takes is to pay heed to your own personal likes and dislikes and those of your family necessary. There is nothing right or wrong here, except it should reflect your tastes to turn it into a homey place that looks and feels fabulous.

 5 Top tips for improving your living room

Talking about decorating styles they vary from tradition to modern. But, when it comes to decorating your own living room everyone is by far the same. That is, we want our living room to be unique and exceptional like us!

So few things to keep in mind while our little make-over of your living room.

It’s the centre of attraction: Furnish your living room with such exceptional ideas that the minds of your guests just explode and they sit back, enjoy. Follow the colour of your walls to your furniture. Paint the walls with neutral or white colour that soothes the eye and looks elegant. Let the room have panoramas like paintings, drawings or photography that steal the capture leaves you in awe.

Set a theme:  Theme plays a vital role and there are a number of websites and magazines that help you choose a theme and your budget criteria. Paint is by far the cheapest and easiest way to give your living room an entirely new look.  Best part, if you do not like the colour, you can always change it down the lane. Remember you don’t need to paint the entire room the same colour. You can opt for neutral colours that will merge well with natural sunlit colours to really make the whole room pop.

Furniture’s, curtains and drapes: The colour of your living room must go well with the colour of your furniture. Investing in furniture is hard, but is always worth it. Couch is that one place where we youth hang out for hours. Another important thing is make sure that you place the larger furniture and sofas against the walls. By doing this you will save a great amount of free space in the middle of the room that helps in creating illusion of more space in the room.

Curtains and drapes depend on your decor, theme and your budget. Because most visitors come to your living room, bright colours are very attracting. Draperies add an elegant look and they are not only used for shading but also give privacy to the living room. Area rugs can also be used to cover marks and patches.

Perk it up!!  Plants or bouquet of flowers make the room more natural and vibrant. They freshen the air and add so much life and calmness to the room.

Lighting is another way to update the look out of your room. If you are not using overhead lighting, you can use lamps instead which adds an elegant look. Be sure to place the lamps in places that support its uses. Like beside the furniture if want a good reading.

You can even stack your room with your favourite reads and magazines.

Everyone loves delicious smell. Scented candles, scented flowers add fragrance to your room. There are varieties for every season like jasmine, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon or orange which smells just divine.

Stuff plenty while still airy: Pack up the room with all kinds of living room accessories. Be it lady like graceful or flirty just play with all colours and quirk it up.  Place elements of all sizes, starting from woven area rugs to perky pillows, standing lamps to tribal sculptures to keep the interest of the eye running.

Finally remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. Keeping the lifestyle of your family members in mind, have a successful decorating job  and enjoy a room that is comfortable, warm, cosy and uniquely yours.


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