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5 Tips on choosing the best curtains for your home – The Home Improvement Blog

5 Tips on choosing the best curtains for your home

As any designer specialist would say, curtains make the room if chosen wisely. Picking the window coverings may not be the first and the important thing you do but that doesn’t mean you consider what you choose. Talking about window treatments, there are lot of elements to remember like length, lining, colour, texture, fabric that suits and overall decor of the house. Your choice of buying curtains should be both stylish and functioning like the amount of privacy they provide or the quantity of light it filters.

Tips on choosing the best curtains for your home

Here are 5 Tips that can help you select the right curtains while purchasing.

Start with measurements:  Estimate the right length and width of your window. For length-wise measurement, hanging curtains above the window tricks the eye of greater height in the room. If you want to go for a traditional look, add 2 or 3 inches below so they faintly puddle on floor.
The standard way of checking on the width measurement is double or triples the calculated length. This pretty much ensures that there is no gaping in the middle and even blocks out the sun or any creeping light.

Colours and styling:  Choosing the perfect colours so that it goes well with the decor of the room is very important. With time passing, sunlight fades the fabrics. So for a room getting lots of light, it’s wise to avoid bright colours. But if sunlight is a problem and you want to reduce the light’s intensity than use dark coloured curtains. Neutral colours fade less and are compatible more with the room decor. Designs patterns on neutral colours like flowers, stripes are a popular choice and feel overwhelming.

For formal places like office, silk and taffeta are more preferred. Lining and cotton are used for maximum durability and blocking sun. They hang nicely and look best when barely touch the floor.

Suede, velvet, tapestry or tweed helps to keep the cold out. Fabric plays a vital role in the functioning of the curtains from time to time. A fact that most people do not know is that curtains help in keeping the room air conditioned.

Slide with pride:   Use panels fitted with rings or grommets that are easier to glide along the rods than the tab. You can always open and close the curtains whenever you wish to.

Services to offer:   While purchasing any curtains, find out if they have a cleaning faculty for the curtains. One of the difficult tasks about curtains is keeping them dust free. And it is a difficult task in cleaning the curtains in home.  So make sure that they provide services to wash and clean your curtains. Many carpet cleaning centres offer service for curtains cleaning.

Keep your mind open:  Purchasing window coverings requires lot money. So before buying immediately, it’s advisable to consult with family and friends to choose the right type from the right place. There are many companies in store as well as online that may cheat you with the quality of fabrics. So always be aware.

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