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5 Clever Storage Ideas for your Kitchen – The Home Improvement Blog

5 Clever Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

One of the most common problems, indeed in most of the houses is where to keep everything in kitchen.  Like many people, you may find your kitchen shelves and cupboards aren’t too big enough for all our kitchen equipment. Beautifying your kitchen and making it more efficient doesn’t really cost a fortune.  Hence there are number of do-it-yourself projects that help you in remodelling your kitchen and give it a new and attracting look.

Clever storage ideas for your kitchen


More open shelves and cabinets: To make most of your kitchen space, add ideas of cabinet storage, deep drawers or corner ones that are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary kitchen. These drawers suggest maximum storage and are more suitable to use. Rather than stretch and struggle to reach the back of the unit, these drawers slide the back of the unit to you! It perfectly stacks all the utensils and crockery and reduces the possibility of broken plates from clumsy fitting. Open selves provide plenty of storage while keeping everyday cook ware, pots and pans to be used handily. The built-in roll-out shelves are quite easy to use and you definitely will be singing praises!

Frequently-used items:  Store the most used items within easy reach. Like the cooking oils and spices should be placed near the stove. This saves a lot time and prevents chaos. Using drawers instead of walls for storing spices preserves their delicate flavours and prevents damage due to moisture, sunlight and heat.

Under the sink:You can store all your cleaning supplies underneath your sink and prevent yourself from running out of the room from time to time.Its best in putting the unused areas to work. You can have drawers and it becomes out-of-sight storage for wet sponges and scrub brushes.

Use the walls and layer the glass: Use all the wall space and make most of it. Hang a spice rack, pot rack or any type of rack that offers great convenience and keeps large utensils out of way but within reach.

Stacking glasses can be quite dangerous especially when they are cleaned and are little wet on the surface. You can use a metal rack or a sturdy tray to layer them and in doing so you create more space.

Microwave shelter, refrigerator and a kitchen desk: Microwaves are quite easy on the eyes but the older models do not tend to work quite well. If you are still using your old microwave you can mask it behind a cabinet that pulls down.

Refrigerator is a primary appliance in the kitchen and is extremely important. For an eclectic look, create a niche above your fridge and display the decorative platters and vases that are too pretty to hide behind the cabinet doors.

A kitchen desk is quite handy for making lists, paying bills, or keeping up on correspondence.

It is really important that you design your storage into spaces that will suit the ways you access and use them. You will be cooking and preparing in your kitchen in the easiest manner if you do!

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