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5 Best Decorating Tips for Coffee Tables – The Home Improvement Blog

5 Best Decorating Tips for Coffee Tables

Coffee table acts as Pivot of your living room decor. Being the centrepiece of your living room, it’s pretty much the centre of your life for that matter. Keeping it cluttered and Not-in-style can diminish the style quotient of your place. Instead you can use it to make it appealing and reflect your interest.

decorating tips for coffee tables.


Because of its numerous functions, its often tough to know how to style it. A cosy and beautiful coffee table adds essence to the beauty of your living room.

Here are 5 awesome and easy ideas to make your coffee table more elegant and stylish.

Use table of perfect size and height: The table should be of appropriate size and height according to the dimension of the room. Big table in small room or vice versa creates a mismatch error in the decor. There is variety of coffee table in stores to suit your decor needs. The broader the structure can seat many people making it more usable in get-togethers where the number of guests is unknown. Choose wisely. Avoid items that are of the same shape and size. Using different elements will provide a visual interest to the setting.

Add greenery: Add plants, leaves, herbs in right amount to your centre space. Any bunch of fresh flowers makes table lively and looks amazing.

Brew of morning coffee with view of your Plant can be very calming. Plants are said to have soothing vibe which freshens the air around and adds a lot of positive energy in your room.

The alternative to flowers is candles. Among lots of great accents here, candlesticks look gorgeous and add serious height to the table. Scented candles like cinnamon, jasmine, orange or warm mixture of all flavours can work wonders.

Feel of Antique: It’s an easy way for a unique theme setting. You can add old coins behind the glass table. Antique clocks, brass wares, mirrored trays, a pair of obelisks and small tribal portraits all this adds a different and pleasant look and can be focal centre of your table. You can keep coral, orb, crystal ornaments that look stunning and give the look of a perfect chic coffee table. To make it more styled you can have a common theme of colour between your furniture and the elements on the table. At the end it’s all about individual creative decorative accents.

Books: Are you a bibliophile?? If yes, project that on your coffee table. Stack your favourite Series and authors to style your Table. It adds an Intellectual touch and reflects your book interest and helps your guest to go through your collections. Isn’t it Awesome??

Eventually Coffee Mugs: Finally let your coffee table speak about coffee. You can you use eye-catching coffee mugs with quotes and pictures. Add another layer of intrigue by placing a coffee tray matching the look of your table or interest. And most important leave some space cause a spacious coffee table feels good to eyes.

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