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10 Practical Tips to Save On Home Heating – The Home Improvement Blog

10 Practical Tips to Save On Home Heating

A temperature in December is very low. This is certainly an affront to the battered consumers’ pockets, as have been experiencing steady increases in the price of all the energy consumed in the home in recent years. If you are interested in saving heating your home, I recommend reviewing the following tips to hold the heating bill, avoid unnecessary costs and save money in the coming months.

Save On Home Heating

1. A temperature of 21 ° C is sufficient to maintain the comforts of home for the day and not less than 17 º C at night.

2. Turn off the heat while you sleep and in the morning waiting to ventilate the house and close the windows to turn.

3. Call between 8 and 13% of energy in placing radiators thermostatic valves are also affordable and easy solutions to fit.

4l. Reduce the thermostat setting to 15 ° C (position ” economy ” of some thermostats), if you leave for a few hours.

5. Do not wait for the equipment being damaged. Proper maintenance of the boiler will save up to 15 % energy.

6. When the radiators are dirty, the air contained inside it difficult to transmit heat from the hot water to the outside. This air must be purged at least once a year at the start of the heating season. The moment you let out air and water begins to flow only, will be clean.

7. Not be covered radiators or put any object really, because the proper diffusion of hot air is difficult.

8. To ventilate a room it is enough to open the windows about 10 minutes, no more time is needed to clear the air.

9. Close blinds and curtains at night to avoid major heat loss.

10. You install a biomass boiler or stove, it is very clean if installed and will be more convenient and cheap, with a completely renewable fuel.

In addition to these tips is essential to note that the isolation of a home is a factor to consider when it comes to saving on heating.

The amount of heat required to maintain a property from the comfort temperature depends largely on your level of thermal insulation.

Blowing rock wool, rehabilitation, insulation improvements may involve energy and economic savings of up to 30 % on heating and air conditioning. A 3 cm layer of cork, fiberglass or polyurethane insulation has the same capacity as a stone wall one meter thick. There are also new forms of highly recommended insulation that does not need major reforms.

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